Season 5 Ranked Rewards Approaching !

End of season is near

Each year, Riot's rewards their players that achieved a Tier (Diamond, Gold, Silver...) in Ranked, solo or with your team. The only requirement to get your rewards with your team ranked is to play at least 10games in it. Don't worry, you still got months to achieve the best rank possible to shine with your new loading border and one (still unknown) champion's skin. Riot even announced the possibility to add a chroma skin depending on your highest tier !


Bronze Account Icon

Silver Account Icon
Silver Loading Border
Victory Champion's Skin

Gold Account Icon
Gold Loading Border
Gold in game invite notifications
Victory Champion's Skin

Platinum Account Icon
Platinum Loading Border
Platinum in game invite notifications
Victory Champion's Skin

Diamond Account Icon
Diamond Loading Border
Diamond in game invite notifications
Victory Champion's Skin

Challenger Account Icon
Challenger Loading Border
Challenger in game invite notifications
Victory Champion's Skin

Victory Champion Season 5

Jarvan, Janna, Morgana and Elise already own a Victorious skin. But yet, Riot still hasn't revealed the S5 victory champion and gave us some clue which led the community to conclude that it may be either Ashe, Sivir or... Urgot ?! At least, what we are sure about is that it will be a Marskman ! You don't own this champion ? Don't worry, riot will gift the champion as well as the Victorious Skin. Stay Hyped !

Requirement for rewards

The easiest way is playing by yourself or with a friend in ranked games solo/duo queue mode. You will meet all kind of players during your 10 placements games, but that's the road towards the glory ! And if you don't like that ranked mode, you can also play in a ranked team. It is required that you play at least 10games in that ranked team to be rewarded. And of course, only your highest rank matter !

Written by - 11.07.2015
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