Gangplank Rework - Live on PBE Server

Gangplank Render

Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

During few years, Gangplank was not seen as a top tier toplaner. But now, the Bilgewater Pirate is ready to receive a partial rework. Like a lot of ancestor of the League, Gangplank received a visual update during the process of it's rework. But don't worry, the designer kept what made him the Pirate of the league ! With a new costume and his new kit,let's take a first look of this rework.

Ability and Visual Rework

Gangplank will now be granted of a new visual look. But also, Gangplank's E (Raise Morale) has been removed to be replaced by an explosive barrel spell (Powder Keg). It will offer Gangplank a second source of damage. This could be the main source of damage during Teamfight, dealing tons of damages ! In addition, the passive ability (Grog-Soaked Blade) has been modified. The new ability (Trial by Fire) currently allow to place a Damage over Time debuff on hit of a champion, every once in a while.

Written by - 15.07.2015
Designer by panther1svk                     Code by Sunline